Selasa, 8 September 2020 | 14:00 - 15:30 WIB

Understand Your Customer Better with Big Data Analytics

Made Dharmawan, Raden Ahnaf Faqih and Anton Suhartono

The use of Big Data in studying and understanding customers in order to drive better decision making is now also starting to be applied in various companies. In addition, nowadays companies can also derive value from their customers' Big Data if they know how to manage raw data into actionable insights. On today's episode of Innovation Day, find out how to "Understand Your Customer Better with Big Data Analytics" with Made Dharmawan, Raden Ahnaf Faqih S. and Anton Suhartono from Data Scientist Chapter and Big Data Analytic Directorate Digital Business. Find out more about it on this new episode of Innovation Day!

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